MAYCHEM Srl specialises in chemical products for the plumbing and construction sectors, such as:

    • Sealants for heating and tap water installations
    • Sealants for swimming pools
    • Sealant for gas installations
    • Sealants for exhaust flues
    • Sealants for construction
    • Cleaners and acids for use against calcium deposits and rust in heating installations
    • Cleaners for gas, diesel or wood fuelled boilers
    • Drain cleaner
    • Neutralising liquid
    • Protective agents for heating installations
    • Soundproofing liquid
    • Protective antifreezes for solar and heating installations
    • Soundproofing liquids
    • Special resins

    Inert gas for inflating expansion tanks The staff of MAYCHEM Srl is made up of highly qualified personnel with vast experience in the research and development of efficient products and solutions for the heating and construction sectors. With modern equipment and instrumentation of the latest technology, MAYCHEM Srl is even capable of satisfying special requests on behalf of its customers.

    Were at your complete disposal for any requests you may have!